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interruptions when presenting

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Look awesome
Be in control

Hide the mess and avoid
interruptions when presenting

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Why Pinstriped?

Look professional and
organized to your clients
Make your brand stand
out on your devices
Avoid awkward moments and
interruptions in client meetings

How it works

Customize the interface

Create your own branded design with a few clicks, allowing you either to stand out or fit in.

Choose your content

Select links, files and folders and save them for different types of clients, meetings or presentations.

Look awesome with one click

Hide everything irrelevant and showcase your content, while looking like a super organized pro (even if you aren’t one).

Get inspired

Customize your interface with easy to use themes

From our blog

New features! Direct links & All-Inclusive Presentations

We’re proud to present you with the newest version of Pinstriped! You know what that means: New features. Two of them, to be exact! 1. You can now add direct links to the panel right next to your files and folders. Want to use a website but don’t want to open ...

Corporate Brand Manager

"We devote considerable resources to create brand alignment across all platforms. However, we continually face difficulty in upholding a consistent brand experience when our 300 salespeople open their personalized laptops in client meetings."

Partner in small business

"We love solutions that help us appear more professional and organized than our competitors. Our customers find us more trustworthy and that gives us an advantage in the marketplace."

Independent designer

"I hate those awkward moments in client meetings when personal reminders, sensitive emails and other notifications pop-up. The meeting flow gets disrupted and I think it looks a bit unprofessional."